Nadji Nedjmeddine

Mechanical Engineer

I am Nedjmeddine Nadji, A mechanical engineer with master degree in mechanical engineering (fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, Rotary and static machinery), with extensive experience in oil and gas field construction and commissioning periods for many mech-equipments( gas turbines, centri-Compressors, pumps, WHRU, vessels, piping, coolers, I have a knowledge in machines start up and their pre-com operations( inspection, lube oil flushing, final alignment, solo run and Mrt test,...).

leadership , Executing solutions, time management, good team communication are very importants  for me to achieve  work plans.

Am looking for a new opportunity in Canada to share my experience, self  development and participate country achievement in this field.


Last Resume Update August 22, 2023
Address El kala, Algeria
Phone Number +213 657 04 01 12


Mechanical foreman
Aug 2023 - Sep 2023

Project of construction for Oil and gas field gas production utility I assembled and installed all mechanical equipments such turbines, WHRU, compressors, vessels, exchangers, piping installation, alignment of rotary machinery

Actemium Cegelec
Mechanical Engineer
Feb 2023 - Current

In oil and gas field located in South Algeria Illizi province I do many daily tasks , pre-commissionning, commissioning and start-up of mechanical machinery ( turbine, compressors,pumps and their equipments) .

Project engineer
Dec 2018 - Aug 2021

Following many projects


Badji Mokhtar University
Sep 2013 - Jun 2018

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